Welcome to my website.


My passion:

Photography has been my passion for many years. My main field of interest always used to be landscape photography. However, travel restrictions introduced during COVID-19 pushed me to the new area of macro-photography.

Getting to the location long before dawn, finding the best composition and waiting for the light to paint the final image are the things that draw me to landscape photography. 

Macro-photography fascinates me as it allows us to see a whole micro-world just at our feet. "Ugly" insects looked at under magnification start to present the beauty of colours and structures.


My achievements:

I am a member of the Polish Union of Nature Photographers and of the Royal Photographic Society. Unfortunately, I am an amateur and cannot dedicate myself fully to photography. Therefore, I am proud and happy that many of my photographs have been accepted at international contests, some even rewarded. 

On the left side of this page you may see some of my best photographs which were accepted at the international contests and below some links mentioning my pictures and exhibitions.





My gear:

I have used Canon gear since the beginning of my photographic journey. My first "adult" camera was an EOS 3. With the digital age, I switched to EOS 5D and 5D MkII. I recently upgraded to the mirrorless system and use my beloved EOS R5. You may also see some travel pictures on my website. With age, I started to reduce the amount and weight of my gear on holidays. Hence, nowadays, I use mainly a tiny but superb Fujifilm X100V camera for travel photography. 


I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I have enjoyed taking them and wish you a lot of pleasure viewing my website.